Fling It, Fly It, Flip It! – Dave DesLaurier

    When: Begins September 9, 2017 10am.

    Where: Various metro parks in and around Grove City.

    Join us for Fun, Fellowship and Frisbee Golf!! Ages 10 and up.


The Jesus Jocks – Mike Baisden

    When:  Begins September 11, 2017 7:30pm 

    Where:  Wings N’ Rings Grove City

    If Jesus had a food ball team, who would the players be? What would make them the perfect fit for     

   their position?  Meet us for Bible Study, then stick around for Monday Night Football!


Constitution Alive – Dave DesLaurier

    When: September 13, 2017 7pm 

    Where: Victorious Living Church

    If you are concerned, perplexed or troubled by the direction of the country and the encroachment upon   

    our liberties, then this Constitution Course will help give you a deeper understanding of what the

    founding fathers had in mind and the basis of our Constitution on biblical principles.  This course is  

    easy to understand, easy to remember, quickly digested, and easy to apply.


The Dilemma of God’s Holiness & His Mercy – Deborah Swank

    When:  Begins September 14, 2017 at 6:30pm

    Where: Wendey's, Harrisburg Pike.

    A study of Joshua, Judges & Ruth and how God's holiness requires much of His people.  Yet even    

    in spite of their inability to consistently live by God's commandments, His mercy shines through!


Walking with The Psalms – Kristin Baisden 

    When: September 14, 2017 7pm

    Where: The Baisdens – 3135 Longridge Way, Grove City 43123

    The Book of Psalms powerfully resonates with the whole spectrum of human emotions and    

    experiences, resounding with heartfelt praise, humble confession, and honest lament. Explore the  

    Bible's ability to transform our emotions and incline our hearts toward worship
A Season of Giving
ROCKFEST!October 31, 2017 
VETERANS THANKSGIVING DINNER – November 19, 2017 More details to follow!
MILITARY CARE PACKAGES - More information to follow!
CHRISTMAS SHOE BOXES - More information to follow!
Fall Connect Conference November 4-5 - Services at 10am and 6:30pm each day
Canned Food Drive for M.A.S.H. - More details to follow?